Explore Saigon

through your lens

Experience local life

and capture memorable

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Join me on an immersive, small-group photography tour to explore vibrant Saigon, a city of many facets

My tours give you the opportunity to get off the beaten tracks and discover the heart of the city, while seeing things in a deeper way through the lens of your camera and interacting with the beautiful people of Vietnam.

They are designed to maximize opportunities for you to take better photographs with the best locations under the best light. I will help you to improve your photography skills along the way, so that you can capture travel moments and experiences you will never forget.

I cannot wait to discover and experience the real Saigon with you.

Group size

Maximum 4 participants


40 $ / participant


From 6:30 to 10 AM (sunrise)

From 2 to 5:30 PM (sunset)


Complete beginners to advanced photographers

Explore Saigon’s historic Chinatown on this exhilarating sunrise photography tour. Cholon (literally meaning ‘big market’ in Vietnamese) used to be a city in itself and despite merging with Saigon in the 1930s, the neighborhood has preserved its unique charm and traditions.

We will capture powerful moments in this lively area full of colorful alleyways, local markets, meditative pagodas and smiling Saigonese going about their daily life. You will develop and practice your photography skills in this inspirational street scene by looking for the best light, working on your composition and trying to see things in a deeper way. 

We will also take some time to interact with locals and get a deeper understanding of their culture in this authentic atmosphere.

This sunset tour is the opportunity for you to experience Vietnamese rich culture while catching the daily life of locals through the lens of your camera. We will discover fascinating spots of Saigon little known to tourists and practice the fundamentals of travel and street photography along the way. 

While immersing ourselves in this authentic and inspiring atmosphere, we will discuss composition, light and ways to approach people in street photography.

The tour is aimed at everyone with a love of photography, from complete beginners to advanced photographers willing to discover an amazing city with a local eye. The tour experience is focused on openness, sharing and improvement.
The best camera is the one you already own! Any cameras being DSLR, hybrids, compacts and even smartphones are welcome as the tours are truly about composition and creativity. Besides your camera, all you need is a fully-charged battery and enough memory cards to go through the day.
I focus on small-group photography tour (maximum 5 participants) in order to offer every photographer enough of individual attention and support. I also prefer to keep it small to avoid disturbing local life more than necessary.
I see myself as a facilitator who will support your learning process and help you to empower yourself in your photography journey. I don’t have all the answers but I see my tours as the opportunity to share our experiences and to learn from each other.
You can either pay in advance via credit card or alternatively pay by cash at the end of the tour.
Rains in Vietnam can be intense but are usually pretty short (30-45 minutes) and can lead to opportunities to play with reflections. We will take a coffee break to discuss photography and extend the tour slightly if this is convenient for you.
Anything is fine, I simply recommend you to dress as comfortably as possible with hot weather-appropriate clothes and comfortable closed shoes as we might be walking a little bit.

"I had a great experience with Adrien. Each place we visited, Adrien conversed and connected with the locals, many of whom saw him as a familiar and welcome face. We took photographs around town while Adrien shared lighting and technical tips and strategies for capturing a good shot. We stopped at many places along the way that were off the beaten path and I was able to experience a more authentic side of HCMC. Great tour, learned lots, saw lots and would highly recommend!."


United States

"A perfect ride. I discovered photo techniques and a pittoresque neighborhood with a very nice guy, well organized, who is very good photographer, who knows well Saigon and who, as a bonus, has good knowledge of Vietnamese. I recommend without any hesitation, guarantee that you will not be disappointed."



"Adrien is an amazing companion to walk around Saigon with. Having already explored most of the city, he was still able to show me the different side of Cho Lon that I had never seen before. Picked up some tips as a totally beginner for photography as well. I loved taking a slow stroll through the alleys/old buildings/local market while capturing photos and talking on a wide range of topics. His enthusiasm for discovery and perspective have inspired me just as much as the local people and beautiful hidden spots we visited that day. If you want to feel like a true local in Saigon, do not hesitate to hit Adrien up."




I am a self-taught French photographer who has developed an ever growing passion for the craft since I first set foot in Vietnam in 2014. The streets of Saigon, a place I now call home, have become my playground for experimentation & inspiration. Exploring the city through my lens has helped me to get a better grasp of the local culture and to connect with people in a deeper way. 

Saul Leiter, my favorite photographer, used to say: ‘It’s quite possible that my work represents a search for beauty in the most prosaic and ordinary places’. This philosophy inspires my photographic journey and guide my steps on my peregrinations in Vietnam and around Asia.

I am very eager to share my knowledge of the city and my passion for street & travel photography with you. And remember, photography is less about settings than about learning to what is happening around you and tell these stories with your own vision.

+84 906 401 635


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